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Smart Sensors

Our sensors are designed for easy installation and can be retrofitted in existing buildings. They help reduce consumption of resources during operations. The sensors gather data from all connections and give you an analysis of your usage pattern. Our system also reduces incremental costs of sustainability.


We gather information from remote and multiple locations to a central hub. Pursuant to this, we break the data down and analyze it, to give you useful information!

Remote Communication

What if your taps spring a leak while you are away? Left your air conditioning on? No problem. We will notify you and you can shut it off remotely from anywhere in the world.

Integrated Platform

With WEGoT’s technology you have access to data regarding your consumption of resources, tips to help you optimize usage and even remotely handle your appliances and taps, with absolutely no human intervention required. You will have detailed information regarding three most prized resources – water, electricity and gas, at the palm of your hands. Access this information from any device at any given point of time!


Login to our website with your unique credentials to access detailed analysis and recommendations on how to increase the efficiency of the your current consumption and decrease your utility bills. Our analytics will help you predict and improve your usage pattern. If you are using too much of a resource, we will alert you! When you are on the brink of a crisis, WEGoT will provide valuable information that will guide you in making better choices for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Our gamification model encourages users to become a part of our problem-solving journey. It adds an element of “fun” while maintaining a high engagement level. Gamification can drive strong behavioral change as it is combined with the scientific principles of repeated retrieval and repetition.

Billing & Payments – Post paid & Pre Paid

WEGoT enables payments of utility bills through it’s payment gateway. Payments are typically post paid – which means you will make the payment at the end of the billing cycle or pre paid – where you will pay and recharge as required before using the resources as per your individual needs.