WEGoT aqua introduces Self-test feature

Yasaswini S
Aug 17, 2022

Did you know that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India has suggested that all of us should use 135 litres of water per day?

Did you know that most of us use at least twice as much?

What does this mean?

It means when you login to the WEGoT aqua app, you might be shocked to see that your family of 4 has used 1000 litres on the first day.

Many people raise a ticket at this point, convinced that the sensors are faulty and ask a service engineer to inspect them. 

The first step done by service engineers is a quick test to check if the sensors are working correctly.

This is now available to our customers as a self-test feature on the app.

Using the feature brings down the reliance on the service engineer and allows users to test the sensors at their convenience.

A self-test is a simple procedure to check if the sensor is measuring water accurately. In essence, users fill up a 2 Lite or 3 Litre bottle with water and then check whether the app shows the same reading.



Here is Vijayram Harinathan, our Product Head, speaking about the feature

When was the feature introduced?

Somewhere in the middle of February 2022.

What was the reasoning behind developing the feature?

Controlled experience at the house-level was missing. This is essential to verify if the sensor is recording the wrong data.

Even without this feature on the app – you could technically validate your sensors. Stop all the other taps and open just one particular tap. Then refresh the home page of the app and measure readings for that sensor. But this requires quite a lot of co-ordination.

How does the user experience this feature?

We thought we should engage them in a short journey within the app so they are taken through a prescriptive set of steps. 

We brought the customer into a controlled set of activities to verify that the sensor is working accurately. We would also be supporting this from the back end.

What can we see as a result of introducing this feature?

Well, definitely build confidence among users about the water metering system.

And there you have it! A simple and effective way of empowering users and giving them more control over their WEGoT system.

Yasaswini S
Head of Content

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