We have answers for some of your most
asked questions (FAQs).

Very. Our readings are > 98% accurate. Guaranteed.

Our system is awesome. It can handle regular tap water, hot water , RO water & STP water – you choose the type you've got and we'll come back with a differential pricing tailored to your particular option.

Definitely! Our sensors are capable of withstanding water pressure up to 13 bars. Most of the pressure pump systems in the market today do not go above 4 – 5 bars.

Traditionally, the installation of a water meter meant a great deal of re-wiring and re-plumbing, and dealing with the narrow ducts in the buildings.

But, with our system complicated plumbing is not necessary. It is as easy as 1-2-3 – our men will arrive at your household, cut a pipe to install your aqua sub-meter.

Our system is very simple. Our aqua sub-meters do not require new pipes to connect water meters, thereby saving you significantly in hardware and labour costs. Our metering solution costs approximately half of the traditional metering system!

Nope. One single cable will be run to connect all the sensors in a serial connection. All wiring will run along the plumbing shaft area. That is it!

One of the unique features of WEGoT aqua sub-metering system is that it deploys individual sensors at each inlet point. The platform receives data from these sensors and then unifies it all into one household account.

So, as an apartment resident you will see total consumption of all inlets and also individual data of each inlet. By installing sensors in individual inlets, we help in controlling water supply to that inlet – leakages will now be a thing of the past!

Our simple yet super-effective solution means minimal re-plumbing efforts and costs.

Nope! The WEGoT aqua sub-metering system is 100% automated. All the details pertaining to your households’ water consumption is reported to our system in real time and it’s automatically computed at the end of your billing cycle, just like your phone bill. You will receive a copy of your bill in your email – you can also login to your dashboard to see your statement.

Not an issue. You know those nifty sensors we installed in each of your inlets? This is when they come in handy. In event of a leakage, you will get an alert, which you can see in your WEGoT aqua dashboard. Shutting off the leakage is as easy as pressing a button!

The WEGoT aqua sub-metering system is a fully-automated, intelligent metering system. It is capable of sending out reports and escalating any potential errors in advance to our support desk and rectifying itself proactively. Despite all this, if something goes wrong, fret not, because our dedicated team of support staff is always there to help.

Well it is so smart that it can detect cuts in the wires and sensor by-pass – an alarm will be raised with the particular inlet number as soon as this happens and the alert sent to your dashboard.

Having a personal electricity meter for your household helps you in keeping track of your electricity consumption and thereby, reduce wastage, right? Same deal! By helping you keep track of how much water you use, you can be aware of excess usage, if any and avoid wastage.

Your water data is now at – literally – your fingertips! Just download it from our website.

Based on what our customers tell us, you can expect a 10-50% savings in your usage.