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success story
success story

Landmark Vertica, Chennai.

the challengeLandmark Vertica, an upscale Residential Community in Chennai, was following a conventional system of ‘flat charges for water’. This was leading to increased conflict between residents as smaller families that consumed less water were paying the same as larger families that invariably consumed more.

appaswamy chennai

what did we achieve?

  • 48% Reduction in per capita consumption
  • 30% Reduction in water-related expenses
  • 4.8lakh Litres of water saved per year
  • 5 months time duration to see ROI
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Our investment in the WEGoT aqua system was paid back through water savings within 5 months of installation. The leakage alert feature is commendable and has helped reduce wastage of water. The system has made the residents water conscious - Landmark Vertica Association.

We make sustainability achievable for you.

Royal Habitat, Bengaluru.

the challengeRoyal Habitat's Homeowners Association were struggling to tackle the spiraling water maintenance costs and increased conflict among residents.

royal habitat

what did we achieve?

  • 50% Reduction in water consumption/ person/day
  • 40% Reduction in water-related expenses
  • 14lakh Litres of water saved per month
  • 12 months time duration to see ROI
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When a resident left a tap open in July 2016 when away from home, the alarm triggered by the WEGoT aqua system saved at least 11k liters Secretary, Royal Habitat

We make sustainability achievable for you.
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